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Retirement is defined as: The act of retiring; the state of being retired: Withdrawal from one’s occupation, business or office: Withdrawn into privacy or seclusion; A place of privacy or seclusion or retreat; however I define it, it’s about time.

I have always thought of life is experienced 3 stages. The start of life, as I call stage #1, is usually the first 21 years of life. This stage in life seems to take twice as long as the other 2 stages I will describe. Until we turn 21 life seems to move at a snails pace. Waiting to get into the first grade, to turn 13 and finally turning 21 and becoming official productive citizens of society. The first 21 years are filled with so many trials, tribulations, experiences and questions its’ a wonder we ever made it. Some of us attended school, others started careers and some of us even started our families.

The next stage, stage #2 which runs another 25-30 years is really eye opening. All the things your parents told you are actually true. You find that responsibility is not just a word but a way of life and life starts to speed up. You meet your life long partner and start planning for the future. Your family starts growing and all of the sudden the stories your parents told you become part of your life. The cost of raising family plus saving for retirement is tough but you manage. Retirement plans are on your mind but you think, I will start next year or the Company will take care of me. Whatever your results are, all of the sudden you find yourself as an "empty nester".

Well before you know it, stage #3 is here. The previous 50-60 years went by pretty fast, didn't they? That slow moving "father time" seems to be speeding up and we cant’ slow him down. Those seeds you planted are starting to grow and now its’ "your time". You have spent years raising your family and saving for that "pie in the sky". Did you know that we baby boomers are expected to live into our 90’s with the advancement of medicine and health care.

That gives us another 30 years to enjoy life. We are a very unique part of society. They call us baby boomers because of the large influx of population between 1946-1960. Our parents experienced 2 wars and a depression. We in turn have experienced quite a change in society and science ourselves. We saw a man walk on the moon, an end to the cold war and witnessed the first invasion and assault on America with the war on terrorism.

I want to be your Realtor in the Texas Hill Country. I am 54 years old and know what our generation has given to society to make it what it is today. I want to guide you through the process to purchase that "Perfect Retirement Dream Home" or property to build that "Dream Home".